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I had thought of this awhile ago but never put it into words, the ultimate enemy of our overclocking is heat, and there are a few methods out there, here is a small list, air cooling-water-phase and so on.

I was wondering why they don't make a hybrid cooler using air and water methods, or basically combine the two. Think of a true push-pull with the base setup for water. Basically ontop of the water block would be a massive air cooler to help drop the temps just a few degrees above ambient, since the air cooler would be working with the radiator and block to keep temps down and even help cool the water by making the temp of the cpu lower overall so that the effectiveness of water going through the block would be greater.

I am thinking as far as water is concerned, this would be nearly as efficent as you can get, since these both methods are designed to keep the cpu cool. Plus then even if the block fails the air cooler would be sufficient until the water side of the cooling method could be fixed even though it would suffer a performance hit.