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Hey there all,
Ok, i must admit i have this "thing" about 2.1 speakers. I really don't like surround sound systemas but i just love a good old 2.1 smile.gif

So, i have a Razer Mako that is really impressive... but with these new SP2500's i was like... wow ... now that's nice!

Ok, i upgraded my old titanium card to the new HD since i think soundcards are a safe investment for 2 or 3 years.

After reading reviews and everyone is astonished by the sound quality vs price tag ... my question is... did anyone listen to bost razer mako and sp2500's?

Are the SP's really much better and worth the investment?

One thing i love about the Mako is the sound dispersion... it really fills my room with a good vibe ... but i'm always open to upgrade if worth it. Unfortunately, i can find any store with the SP2500's in demo to listen how they sound frown.gif