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under load at xx(default) freq cpu needs 1.16v
enter in BIOS vcore of 1.16v or one notch above that amount ie: 1.165v (temps watch).

yes use 2.0~2.1v on ram, (2.0) preferred if stable.

this should be stable.

Do you live on the Equator? ambient?

Are you still having boot problems as in first post?
Under load 67C is ok temp, internet browsing you prob max cores around 45C
95C is TJmax thermal shutoff, so you are good there.

The idle temp should be ignored , its unreliable, load is what you measure.
My fan(s) on cpu are 1900 rpm scythe G>

more pressure than 1260rpm.

If you have $$ upgrade cpu fan & use the current one in the case exaust someplace.
A fan around 2000 rpm is loud but efficient, your choice.
You will be safe as you are with current cpu fan.

More cooling possibilites>
Here is a good program for manually setting fan speed and/or oc'ing on your 9800 card.

riva tuner>

GPU z to monitor video >

Factory default runs fan% on video card at approx. 25% most of the time.
Although 25% speed gets some hot air expelled, 90% does it better.
Your video card "radiates" some heat to surounding hardware, if not expelled from case interior.

It's a noise factor, with video fan at 90% all the time you will hear it louder than cpu fan.
But your system will be cooler, indeed.

If using win7 system?
Also, when you boot your pc first time each day, windows7 will ask permission to run riva fan @ desktop.
The answer will be yes.

you can use riva to overclock video too, if you choose.
Let me know if you want to install riva for fan speed , as there is a few things while installing it you might need help with.
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