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Frame skipping -> view distance?

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I'd like to discuss my problem: frame skipping.

Basically, while running around in the outdoor world (flying/mount/on foot), I sometimes get these small freezes/skips which last for a split second (really fast) but they're noticeable. It looks like my character skips a frame.

I run vertical sync, with tripple buffering AND reduce input lag (I think reduce input lag reduces it a little) + Directx 11


HD 6950 2GB (11.1a)
Intel i7 2600K @ 4.5 Ghz
WD Black 640 GB (OS and WoW on same disk)
4GB ram 1600Mhz

I've had this problem on the past 3 builds so it is not pc related I think. I'm wondering whether this problem is "normal" and is a WoW issue.

I've gotten to the point where I can't lvl an alt without noticing it. (Low lvls have to travel A LOT) and I play WoW very little due to this.

I've been thinking the cause could be: we have 3 pc's on one modem (via router). Maybe if they open a slow internet page, I get this? Slow internet would usually mean lag, not frame skips though.

An SSD didn't help either. I used an SSD on my previous build. So it doesn't matter how fast the disk is. My OS has been on the same SSD, but I don't think having the OS and WoW on the same disk causes this? (Windows 7 Ultimate x64 btw)

I don't have any framerate problems at all. Solid 60 everywhere (there are a few exceptions but I don't mind). Heck, I'd rather have a constant 50 fps instead of this
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I think I can reproduce the problem.

When I enable viewdistance at low, then fly around with the video setting open and then change the view distance to high/ultra WHILE MOVING I get the same frame skip.

I run viewdistance at high and my GPU has 2GB Video ram though. Or is viewdistance = HDD speed?
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