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Update: Got the replacement mobo and got a new PSU ( Antec TPN-650) and guess what... It was fine for 4 hours ( after inital reinstall of everything) then after i finished and rebooted for the last time... FLASH FLASH, CUT OUT CUT OUT, lol. So i called Logitech and they ran across some posts with the G110 and Asus boards, they are sending me a brand new G510, and if this doesnt work then I will recieve a check in the mail for the price of a NEW G110. But the thing is .... I called ASUS also ( which i spent nearly 4 hours of phone time with them) to actually get nowhere... Now i really need some help on figuring this out... cause i have no clue, I ve pratically RMA'd my whole rig, and nothing. What seems to be going on here ?