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Originally Posted by Tator Tot;12427428 
While it's possible, I wouldn't count on it.

They have have TX***-C units to hand out; which have less ripple than the original TX Series units. They also feature slightly better efficiency.

Meh. I wasn't getting my hopes up anyway considering I've never had to RMA a single Corsair item... ever. Damn their reliability. frown.gif
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Originally Posted by ControlledBurn;12427601 
Phaedrus, are you going to do anymore brand profiles? I really enjoyed reading them.

They're kind of a pain to do frankly, especially for brands that I don't already know a lot about. Especially since I really have to go on a unit by unit basis to be truly fair.
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Ahh...I see. Clears up for me now.

Originally Posted by Phaedrus2129;12427625 
No, from Corsair as a review sample. Think of it maybe as an olive branch. We have our differences of opinion, but we won't be having shouting matches in public forums over them.
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