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NVIDIA GPU Downclocks

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Hi guys

I've had this problem for abaout a week now, that my Geforce 240M GPU goes into low power 2D clocks (405 core, 324 mem, 810 shader) instead of going into 3D clock speeds (550 core, 790 mem, 1210 shader). It happens whenever I start a game or stability test, I switch from normal 2D (135, 135, 270) to low power, I have to lower graphics settings to a bare minimum, everything looks **** and I still have a framerate of ~3-15 FPS.

Reboot -> No effect
Reinstalled Driver -> No effect
Installed NVIDIA System Tools -> No useful extra options
Rivatuner (v2.24)-> Driver not supported

If you have any Ideas, please post them, cuz it's really getting on my nerves. I've been trying to solve this for a week now!!!

Any help is appreciated.

my specs:
-Alienware M15x
-Intel i7 Q720 Quad Core @1.6GHz
-2x2GB RAM
-Windows 7 Pro 64-Bit
-NVIDIA Geforce 240M
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The fact that RivaTuner is saying your drivers aren't supported makes me question the drivers installed. Have you got the latest version of the NVIDIA ForceWare drivers?
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If I go to the NVIDIA site and search for my newest driver I get this:
http://www.nvidia.com/object/noteboo...ql-driver.html (Verde Notebook Release 265 ie. version 266.58).
Thats the one I have.
Forceware I can't find.

Rivatuner says it's not been tested with my curently installed driver and that it may not function properly because my driver is not OFFICIALLY supported, to be precise.

hope that helps.
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OMG I AM SUCH A MORON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PLease if you could get someone to hit me in the face (I already did).

It was Alienware's Stealth Mode. That also explains why it was better when on battery, because stealth mode isn't supported on battery mode.
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