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North birdge-FSB termination-PLL

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hey guys.i have been researching everything about o/c

Here is my system
gigabyte 965p ds3
1 gb800 mhz veritech * 4
750 watt psu

i have succed on reaching 3.6 ghz

Cpu Host frequency 400
Memory multiplier 9x
vcore 1.8 volt
...temprature on normal mode 44-48 C
on working 60-66 C
system is stable on this conditions
but i have some questions

this man have 4.8 ghz on 1.7 vcore volt
with spd 1
My problem is that on my bios there is no 1 for select,minumum is 2
also there is no 1.7 on vcore.After 1.6 vcore there is 1.8 volt for vcore

are there unlock this numbers or it s cuz he have different model of gigabyte?

i also want to reach more ghz for o/c i have read some guides and i cant find some specific types such as North birdge-FSB termination-PLL

here is my bios picture;

(in this picture im on 3.24ghz)

said on guide;

-North Bridge voltage (check with your motherboard's manual for what it would be called)
-Try to increase the FSB Termination (again, check your motherboard's manual if you do not know what it is called on your motherboard)
-If the others have not worked yet or you still having some stability issues, increase your PLL by one notch and ONLY one notch. Just raising it on notch took my e7300 from 65C at 3.8 to 71C! Use at your own risk.
here is my card's manuel;
i have read nearly all thing but i couldnt find these types what they would be called on my card?
i want more o/c and i need to know these things.What they are called.I gave my bios screen to you want your help.
last questions
-1.8 vcore is high?
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