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I found a thread some time ago, not even sure on which forum, about the Bitspower Bay Res in acetal/delrin, which is the one I just got. Like many bay res based on that old Aquacool design, the water level at the fillport is lower than it is on the two sides (see image).

In that thread, the author described how he had drilled a very small hole into the top, above one of the two "air pockets". I can't find that thread anymore, but would like to do the same thing before installing this res.

After bleeding, he screwed a fan screw into the hole, which sounds weird (I would think most fan screws aren't galvanized and are just made of base metal, no?). I'll probably get a plastic plug instead, but am not sure what type of drill bit to use, and would love to hear if anyone has tried something like this. Thanks,