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hi, hopefully someone can help!

v6.3.0-0001, A12 = "DELL_PERC-6-I-INTEGRATED_A12_R278433.exe"

Creating a bootable USB key to execute PERC firmware updates.

a. Download and extract the PERC firmware download for the appropriate controller.
b. Download CW1322A1.exe (Windows) or CL1322A1.bin (linux) from It can be found by putting the file name in the search box at the top of the page.
c. Execute the download to extract the files.
d. Open the folder where the files were extracted.
e. Execute DDDP.exe and choose the USB option. This will FORMAT the USB key, all files and folders on the USB key will be lost. Save any needed files on the key to another destination.
f. Once the USB key is formatted, copy all the files extracted from the PERC firmware download to the USB key.
g. Delete the autoexec.bat file in the root of the USB key (this will keep the diagnostic application from starting up).
h. Boot to the USB key and run update.bat to update the PERC firmware. If multiple firmware downloads need to be executed, each PERC firmware image can be placed in separate folders, then executed.

have downloaded "DELL_PERC-6-I-INTEGRATED_A12_R278433.exe" Firmware to update
my "Perc 6/i Integrated Raid Controller" to latest official Firmware version by Dell.

extracted files copied to booteable USB key:

Dell suggests to do the update with a bootable USB key and also describes how to make thisone.
So there is nothing what could be doing wrong!

Booted successfully Dell Server 2900 with USB key, DOS prompt is shown.

starts actually the "MEGAFL.EXE" tool.


Searching for the PERC 6/I Integrated controller

Controller found! - Please wait while update is performed.
Do not power off or reboot system until all flash updates
have completed.

An error was encountered during this controller's flash update

2x 146GB SAS Drives as "Raid 1" are connected to Perc 6/i

As there is no Logfile, just "Errorcode 1" will output the "Error-message in the update-process" in update.bat batch-file.

have searched Internet for hours now, but can't find what's the problem.

thanks for help
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