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Wireless Card

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I'm looking for a PCI wireless card for the desktop gaming rig. It should be good for gaming as well.

Problem is, is that I'm not in this house all the time. For the times that I'm away the ethernet cord is usually used on the PS3. Rewiring everything can be a bit annoying.

Cheers on any input. I'm currently looking at the D-Link Xtreme N Desktop PCI Adapter (DWA-552). What do you guys think?
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By nature, wired will always be better for gaming. I'm not one to believe there's much of a variation between cards regarding latencies either. There's not much manufacturers can do to avoid the overhead of the whole WiFi technology.

That card looks nice though, especially with the over-the-top 3 antennas

Reading through the reviews, apparently you should be wary of the drivers that come with the card.
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