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Edit: Disregard / delete. After talking with a DJ friend of mine (and getting flogged for buying the G35) I have a set of A700's and a zalman clip-on on the way

So my new system is reaching near completion stages and i got a wild notion to get some headphones for use on the pc, specifically for late night use and gaming (some FPS, mostly MMO and some vent chat and blu rays / anime when not gaming) So in a bad typical fashion i jumped first instead of looking things up and wound up buying a set of Logitech's G35.

Well then i read all the horror stories and the smashdowns on them. Now ill admit to nowhere even being near even a beginner audiophile status, but i do like quality in the stuff i buy (i liked all of Logi's other products hence to thought to buy the G35's) and even though i hate having to double buy things, im probably returning the G35's tomorrow.

Now between doing a little bit of reading (which i need to do first more often) I came across the headphone guide here and it seems a high recommendation is the ATH-AD700's are a good starting point. Problem is the sound card i have in my current system (not new build) is old as dirt so ill likely need a new sound card as well.

I came across this on the egg


And it seems Sennheiser has a good backing as well and the product seemed to get good reviews on the web but is a lil pricey (i guess?)

So i guess my question is should i get the asus bundle, or a new sound card and the AD700's and if so, any suggestions as to a decent card to match with them?

Thanks for any info! *goes to dig up best buy receipt*
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