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congrats on the northbridge as I haven't heard of anyone getting higher than around 28xx as that is the highest I could ever post at so keep up the good work and yes the Vdrop is the Achilles heel of this board otherwise it is an Awesome board
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X3450 Asrock P55 extreme Gtx 470 Patriot Sector 5  
Hard DriveHard DriveCoolingOS
GSkill Phoenix Pro 60 gb  Seagate Barracuda 500gb x2 Raid 0 Corsair H50 Win 7 Pro 64 bit 
Acer 22" 1080p Corsair GS 800 Storm Scout 
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I think its the buggy BIOS that is allowing that High NB.

I can't manually set a voltage, it just defaults back to 1.15V, no matter what.

Left on AUTO, it gives 1.35V for 2600Mhz, and 1.45V for 2800mhz and 3000Mhz.

I don't like running the north bridge that high, strange thing is though, in AIDA 64, it shows the VDDNB in BIOS settings as being those values, yet the CPU/NB VID in the overclock section never changes from 1.15V

Its all very strange, but if I set 1.45V manually, and leave the CPU/NB at 3080Mhz which I have it at now, it won't post!!

Its almost like its saying look just set the Mhz that you want and the BIOS will do the rest!!

BIOS is 1301 by the way.
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Well. my CPU is definitely capped at 3.96Ghz, at the 4.02Ghz, I got some instability in games.

I have tried allsorts, including 1.6V in BIOS, 1.5V CPU VID, to get this stable above 4Ghz and it just won't do it, tried lower HT link, higher HT link, Lower NB, all to no avail.

The CPU is crapping out, tried to enable Turbo core at 4.1 and it gave me a BSOD, I know from running Hyper Pi during testing that one or two cores always crap out above 4Ghz.

The RAM 2X4GB (Crucial Tactical Tracers 1600Mhz 8-8-8-24 2T) are rock solid at 1760Mhz 8-8-8-24 *1T* with a CPU/NB at 3080Mhz.

The HT link is stable at 2200Mhz but is also stable at 2420Mhz, I am not sure which is better TBH, the board can handle the extra Mhz rated at 2600Mhz, but I have heard so many conflicting, things, some people suggest that the sweet spot for the HT link is 2400Mhz and some suggest to leave it at 2000Mhz, I know that have absolutely no issues with it at 2200Mhz, but wonder if higher or lower is actually better??

I have three choices really, 1980Mhz, 2200Mhz or 2420Mhz.

This is definitely my sweet spot for the CPU getting about 78Gflops from it.

From the old board to this with same clock speed my FPS in F1 2011, have gone up from 46 to 61 FPS, I guess its the RAM that is the big help there though considering I was running DDR2 at 880Mhz Cl 4-4-4-12, funny how DDR3 has doubled both the speed and the timngs there over the DDR3, bit too much of a coincidence really. Could only get 2T out of the DDR2 though due to all RAM slots being full up to get my 8GB.

DDR2 880Mhz 4-4-4-12
DDR3 1760Mhz 8-8-8-24

Still the CPU/NB is up from the old board from 2640Mhz to 3080Mhz!
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Well I can safely report that HT link makes not a scrap of difference to any benchmarks.

This is documented by several people and after testing, I can confirm it to be so, tested at all three with unigine heaven.

2420Mhz 858
2200Mhz 858
1980Mhz 858

This was tested at 1920x1080 with tesselation on normal and AA and AF both on 8X
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Just for a laugh and because I realised that since getting this CPU, I have never run it at stock speeds, I decided to clear my CMOS and go back to basics.

Those previous values for heaven were with my GTX 470 SOC overclocked to 776/1552/1674.

So CPU at stock, 3.2 with 3.6 Turbo, Graphics card overclocked as before. RAM at 1600Mhz with CPU/NB at stock also.

Heaven Benchmark gave me 833! A measly 25 points and about 1.5 FPS below what I was getting with the processor overclocked.

Makes you wonder why we bother about all this overclocking stuff!
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Just tried flashing back to BIOS 1101 and the same issue with the CPU/NB voltage still exists.

Manually set to 1.225V and in AIDA 64 it shows 1.15V, on auto it gives 1.35V for 2640Mhz NB, I know that is way too much, it was stable at only 1.1875V on the M4N72-E at that frequency.

This is pretty annoying.
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Decided to use Phenom MSR Tweaker instead, can control the NB/VID using that, so I have exactly 4Ghz, stable, 250Mhz HT , X16, 3000Mhz NB, 1667Mhz RAM 8-8-8-24-1T with HT link at 2000.

I like 250 as it gives you nice even numbers, 4000Mhz CPU, 3000Mhz, NB, 2000Mhz HT link. Only the RAM lets it down somewhat!

Despite its problems this is an OK board, It takes some work though.
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OK, the issue with my CPU/NB voltage keeps rearing its ugly head, I just wish that I had the ability to set it manually in BIOS.

Anyway, decided to go back to basics again and start with my RAM to see what it had to offer.

It has three profiles that are associated with it for "enthusiasts" all at 1.5V

6-6-6-18-27 at 600Mhz clock or 1200Mhz DDR3 2T
7-7-7-21-33 at 700Mhz clock or 1400Mhz DDR3 2T
8-8-8-24-36 at 800Mhz clock or 1600Mhz DDR3 2T

These were all set with 160NS TRFC as it was on auto

These are not the JDEC profiles these are the extreme profiles

It successfully booted and played games when set to 1.65V at:

6-6-6-18-27 at 667Mhz clock or 1333Mhz DDR3 1T
7-7-7-21-33 at 800Mhz clock or 1600Mhz DDR3 1T
8-8-8-24-36 at 890Mhz clock or 1790Mhz DDR3 1T

These were all set with 110NS TRFC as set manually

I have it set currently at 1760MHz just backed off a bit from its maximum at 8-8-8-24-1T with a TRFC of 110NS, around this level seems the sweet spot.

I think this RAM wasn't far off being binned with the 1866Mhz RAM at cl8!

This is with the CPU/NB at 3080Mhz and the CPU at 3.96Ghz, the seeming limit for my CPU to be 100% stable.

After an hour with OCCT linpack!!


Here are the MAXXMEM and AIDA Benchmarks:

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Hi everyone, I'm a proud new owner of a M4N98TD. Managed to pick one up for $75AU which now allows me to SLI my GTX 480. smile.gif

As most, I'm trying to achieve the 4Ghz mark on my 965BE. Stock volts for my chip is 1.4v and I've managed to bump up the multiplier to 19x for 3.8Ghz relatively easily.

I am having a few problems trying to get the 4.0 mark though.

When increasing CP/NB to 2400-2600Mhz, what's a good CP/NB voltage to increase to, 1.25v? Does the NB voltage also need to be increased?

I'm thinking of trying the following, any suggestions on what other settings I should try adjusting? I've also turned C1E, C'n'Quiet off.

200x20 = 4ghz
vCore = 1.45v
CP/NB = 2600Mhz
CP/NB = 1.25v
HT Link = 2000Mhz
Ram timings = AUTO
Ram voltage = 1.5v
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Also, what is everyone using to monitor CPU temperatures?

I was previously using AMD Overdrive but it doesn't seem to be supported on this chipset.
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