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Originally Posted by Horus View Post

Hi Mr Evil, like I said after installing an after market cooler and watch your temps. 1.5v on the CPU is not going to cause any issues, as the stock voltage is 1.4. It is really difficult to kill your CPU with minor changes, most of the time if you try silly settings you will not get past the BIOS boot.. The rest of your post is spot on, I am not being argumentative.

Nope, your good! I guess I am just overprotective on things. I also did not know that stock was 1.4, it just seemed high because of CPU-Z saying 1.3 when you first give it a look.

PS: I generally try to speak from what I know, but if I am wrong on something by all means correct me on it. I am by no means an expert haha.
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yeah it's really really hidden in the manual i only found it after scowering but the good news is after updating my kaspersky i got my overclocks to be stable again on windows 8 wil post a canard in a while i been running for 3 days only thing that crashed me was an overheat while running prime95 looks like i need something more than a h60 for these settings still wish i could hit the 4.0 mark but thats a pipe dream
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Originally Posted by Chickensevil View Post

Hmmm I did not know this... is that posted in the manuals somewhere? Because that is kinda messed up... (I think I said this already) I dont have anything for this slot so it isn't anything I would notice or need right now. But I could see if you got like a USB 3.0 controller or even in your case a better raid controller, this would likely be a terrible bottleneck. As much as I love ASUS, this board just came out at a bad timing. NVidia stopped doing anything with northbridge controllers when the AMD controllers started supporting both SLI and Crossfire. It was one of those instances where waiting two or three months would have given us better technology... but it is the gamble we make any time we purchase hardware.

Personally, I am just trying to get by with this board until I can get DDR4... hopefully by then, AMD will be supporting DDR4 and PCIe 3.0. I really do not want to go to intel, so I hope AMD redeems themselves with their next major processor release.

Honestly, it sucks that AMD's processors have gone down (or maybe stayed level) since their release of the Phenom II x6 and Intel has gone down (or maybe stayed level) since the original i7... That is not to say that either has made improvements in their overall design theory, but that we have REALLY seen any performance gains compelling enough to warrant ditching our Phenoms and original i7s (Im talking the 900 series intels just so its clear...)

I think this is why their processor sales seem to be stagnating and in AMDs case its really hurting them. None of us with tech from 2009/2010 have a compelling reason to upgrade... Could you imagine if graphics cards were like this? Like we have seen some of the most amazing jumps in graphics since 2008 and the release of the 200 series GTX cards... Processors are just not really going anywhere amazing right now... Moore would be sad.

I actually am going to be upgrading but i am flippin and going to the devil. intel currently has the only native support for pci-e 3.0 within there 3rd generation i-series. but this is not the only reason. the motherboard we bought and loved for a while really was a sham yes newegg and asus marketed it as having sata2 what they never told you is you will never obtain speeds higher than 1.5MB/s sata1 capabilities due to Nvidia chipset limitations. so with my force gt ssd being double bottle-necked it will be nice to make the jump to sata 3. this is all in preperation for the release of the nvidia 700 series since Maxwell won't be out till 2014 i will settle for the 780 with 4 gigs since i can't afford a Titan. maybe i just had bad luck in overclocking but this board has been kinda sad for me i have not been able to break 3.886 as soon as i touch 3.9 it becomes unstable

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http://valid.canardpc.com/2752111 cpu-id validation cus i fail at linking the url-bar
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Hi Nycteral, I know it will not help with everything else you feel knobbled by this mobo but, it will get that SSD up to a righteous speed. U3S6 Accessory Card. I have one installed and it really helps with the SSD and the USB3 speeds come in handy on occasion. The other thing is DO NOT get dragged into the Titan thing, it is old tech being sold as new. nVidia have been very naughty and just repackaged an old chip, wait for the proper upgrade later, towards winter, if you require to spend massive bucks for little benefit. I'm still banging along on a PNY 460 1gb LXR, still running most games at top graphics settings, Tomb Raider on high not ultra, Farcry 3 all maxed out, and all the racing sims I play maxed to the maxed.

The next AMD I buy will have to push barriers as even though I love this board it is missing some very important features, and is let down by others. Still it is running beautifully for me and never lets me down, the day it gets handed over to my son will be a sad day for me but a blinder for my son. Remember buying new does not always fix your problems, sometimes it's better to make what you know run better.

Good Luck Nycteral.
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i'll look into that card but yeah i'm waiting for 700 or maxwell to hit titan is too damn expensive this may give me the stop gap i need untill i can build another machine hope your card works for me
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horus i need you to verify you are using this card on a M4n98td Evo before i buy it since the Motherboard is not listed under compatible motherboards also what pci-e slot are you plugging it into and if you could post crystal disk numbers that would be awesome
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damn... well you mentioning the Sata 2 speed things explains my terrible performance on my SSDs... I thought it was only because I was running them in Raid (and the crappy NVidia Chipset...) But no, its also just plain running slow...

Yeah, I keep relooking at upgrades every few months... constantly being dragged down by the fact that I am still running USB 2, SATA 2 (I guess its not even SATA 2... making it worse...), and PCI-E 2. Although, I will say, I wouldn't worry TOO much about needing PCI-E 3. I cannot speak for the Titan or Maxwell or even the potential 780 (which I would actually avoid as well, because it is likely to be a large rebrand rather than much of a real upgrade...) But I can tell you that the current 600 series will not see any improvement in PCI-E 3.0... At least I have found no evidence that supports any claims that it does. As far as I can tell, you are just not pulling enough bandwidth through the slot to necessitate the move.

If I were you, I would hold off just a little bit longer if you can. Since AMD in on the verge of releasing their next processor, and if they do not up the HT link (which from what I have heard is why the currently couldn't support 3.0 unless they lied to their customers... sorta like how they claim SATA 2 on this board) then I would likely make the move to intel as well. Which is a damn shame, since I have been a die hard AMD fan for many years. My first PC was an Athlon 64 (yeah, Im a young person... lol)

So here is hoping AMD will get off their butts and give us something good and very soon. I know both companies have been spending a lot of money on trying to make these GPU/CPU combinations work, and they have both moved forward quite a bit... but they are just not to the level of extreme yet... and it is making me sad. Crossing my fingers for something good this year in processors... but not likely...
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I will move over to Intel when they support more than one CPU on a board (a bit of an exaggeration), When you buy an AMD motherboard you can put every CPU AMD has ever released into it (Okay a little exaggeration again). So if you are poor one week and your CPU gives up the ghost then you can buy a cheap and cheerful until you can replace it properly (I have never had a CPU go to the other world). I see all the numbers and I have to say they look impressive, but the thought always comes back to WHAT DOES IT MEAN IN THE REAL WORLD? Personally I think you would be hard pushed to see any difference, maybe 5 seconds on rendering a video means you can spnd 5 more seconds with a loved one, or when you have all those cores running in beautiful sympathy, to then start a program that is designed and built for 32 bit systems.

I have had this argument with too many people, all benchmarks, speed tests and other tests are just that, TESTS. They really have little to no meaning in the real world, if you really need to save a few microseconds use quite a bit of Olive oil in your food and you will save a great deal more seconds/minutes when you go to fill the throne. The way I look at it is this, my PC is the fastest PC I have ever used as it is mine and I don't use anyone else's. When I upgrade my PC it will be even faster no matter what the TESTS tell me is the fastest. The other reason I will not use Intel (other than the extortionate price tag for every part that is Intel), is that they have been trying to kill AMD for the past decade. AMD keep the fight going and we need them both to create better and better tech.

If you are thinking about jumping boat to Intel, you may as well put some thought into becoming a Sheeple and buying into the runny poo that is Apple. LOL

Good luck bud, also buy that ASUS addon card Mr Evil, it will make those SSD's feed your PC data like a cake munching lard arse.
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well i bought the card so we'll see how it goes i'm still apprehensive seeing as it's certified list does not list the m4n98td evo however it does list the P7P55D EVO, and the M4A785TD-V EVO. and Horus if this works there is no reason for me to jump to intel i will be quite satisfied but i will most likely downgrade to a 965 be and try to oc that since i have so much trouble with my 1090t and i think it's burning out i was stupid and careless with it. and this card will save me so much money.. yay i can buy the new case i wanted cosmos 2 from cooler master wheeeeee and a h100i
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