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Video made in the meeting of Overclockers In São Paulo, day 19/02/2011, Rbuass showing its vgas deceased…

Before anyone has any thoughts, I'll talk about it:

I am so far to be a rich guy...and i effort myself to buy hardware.
Here I only can bench one VGA per time...
Thats true...and i can tell i never bench 2 Videocards both (SLI or Xfire) cause i have no money to buy 2 bench 3 or 4 VGA both is like a dream to me...but its impossible cause is very expensive to feed LN2 and hardware
Here...i buy only one...and try and try to get best scores ...and if is needed to kill the vga trying to beat very good benchs ...i will do...
I have no sponsors...i have no lots of money...but the Overclocking is the only thing i practice in my life
but overclocking is the only practical thing in my life, and work hard as an engineer to support my home and of course give love to my family.
I do not have a new car or nice (I have an old car), paid rent to live in my small apartment, do not leave the house for fun, do not buy clothes when not needed.
In short, I have no privilege and no extra expense that is not my hobby.
All the money spent Overclocked (hardware, LN2, etc.), I gain from selling computer parts for Brazilian consumers.
Here in my country, Overclocking made me become a person known and trusted, and so many people looking for me to buy parts of PCs (processors, motherboards, VGAs, etc.).
All the money spent on household expenses (food, paying bills, rent, etc.), I gained working as an engineer.
I really feel sad when i kill one vga, CPU, MB or any PCPart...
These cards is only the newer cards, but many others older (8800GTX, 8800 GTS, HD 4870, GTX 295, etc, etc) had the same fate ... ... that s a pity, but this can be normal for Extreme Overclocking (you know )...
I know guys that is sponsored with lots and lots of CPUs, VGAs, etc...but is not my case (i hope someday)
For now...i have no more VGA to bench (killed the last GTX 580 yesterday...after to get 1300/1270 Mhz the middle of benchmark...
Unfortunately I need to sell lots of PC Parts to brazilian customers to get money to buy another one...
I am working hard to do it
I am only saying this because many people can watch the video and think I'm a playboy full of money, not giving value to things, and really all I can come through much effort.
I will continue working to bring the art of overclocking to Brazil, to improve the technical conditions of the people of my country, to become more accessible parts of the computer to teach this art that I like so much so that others might also teach something some day
Sorry for the long post...and the broken english

Best regards for all