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Ok so i traded a hd for a kenwood vr-410 receiver, and i cant get it to sound right in games.

I'm using my onboard audio off a msi 890fxa, connecting the board and receiver i have an rca cable in the coax jack. I've read that they are the same thing but some have diff ohms i'm not sure what the rca ohms i'm using are.

I have a 5.1 speaker setup and i have the receiver set for 5.1, it sounds fantastic in movies and when i set it so stereo for music it sounds great aswell. But in games it just dose not sound right. I was using a 2.1 setup before and when i played bc2 there was a lot mroe bass from sniper shots tanks and most everything, but now with the 5.1 those are dulled the bass is anyway but the ambiant noise seems to have more bass like a dust storm.

I'm planning on ditching the rca/coax and getting a fiber cable to see if that will help. I've also tried the eq in realtek's software it sounds a little better but not like it use to. Oh and on my old 2.1 setup i used an analog headphone to rca splitter.

Any tips or help would be much appreciated.

I was told that the receivers DAC may be causing the sound difference, this true?
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I fixed the problem, thanks for the help tho..
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