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Skinneelabs Universal VGA Contest

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You guys might be interested in this easy and fun contest.

Contest Announcement

As part of the upcoming article on Universal VGA blocks, we have the first contest here at Skinnee Labs. In keeping with our data driven approach, this contest will be one based on data… Well, unused data anyway. This is an international contest, we will ship the prize to the winner anywhere in the world via Post. Yes, thats right, anyone can enter.

Enzotech was kind enough to sponsor the contest with a complete Universal VGA kit: 1 Enzotech VGA-IS block, 1 package of Memory Ramsinks (BMR-C1) and 1 package of low profile Memory Ramsinks BCC9(BMR-C1L). This contest is winner takes all, including the bit of dog drool on the block package from my dog.
Read on for more info.


I sure hope to win some dog drool along with some new toys.
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Just a reminder, contest ends tonight @ 11:59:59PM Central...

Get registered and get your entry in!
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About an hour left...
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Results and winner posted.

Thanks to all who entered, Enzotech for sponsoring and Congratulation to TuhdTheTroll.
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