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Originally Posted by compuman145 View Post
But you need to remember that there is no maintenance required and less risk of leaks etc.
Eh. True. But as long as you set it up right and take your time. No leaks
Maintenance isn't really that bad, if you use distilled & killcoil/ptnuke. You can run months without cleaning.
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I use a normal cooler. I don't think DeepCool products are known here. I use one and its small but gets the job done. When I was using the stock cooler my temperature was 60+ on idle and stock clock at 2.4Ghz I was going crazy since I clean the stock cooler and never applied a thermal paste when I got a after market cooler which was the best I could afford since I wasn't having a budget. I bought a DeepCool IceEdge XT and used the thermal paste that came with it. I got good results and it was around 35. Take note where I live its because of the ambient temperatures. So at stock I get 35 and I started learning to overclock and I got it to 3.2Ghz at 45 degrees its alright not so bad. Then IntelBurnTest which is the best for stressing the processor so much. Had twenty runs and it hits 75 max on two cores. When playing games or anything else it doesn't even reach above 65 since stress tests are different. My point here is don't expect you'll get good temps at 3.6Ghz. I tried it and I got 60 at idle haha not unless you use something really cold making it go all the way down at least 30. That's the reason I'm going to swap my processor with my girl's Q9950 since she does basic stuff on her PC. It has a stock clock at 2.8Ghz so its easy to go ahead of 3.5Ghz plus runs cooler.
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