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Recommendations for $800-1000

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hey guys, im new here and I am about to build my first computer. I know i need to do some research into what parts to buy, and i was just wondering if you guys had any suggestions. My budget is about 800-1000. I will be playing some games, but mostly game designing. I have a 24" ASUS monitor 1920 x 1080.
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Do you already have some parts available - such as a DVD burner, hard drive, etc?
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The only things I already have are my monitor, mouse, and keyboard.
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Going to be hard to make you an 1155 build as the motherboards are all recalled. Would 1366 work for you?
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i was actually looking into 1366 because i have a microcenter pretty close to me and i know i could get good deals there.
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This is what I'd go with.
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Yeah, I took the time out to make everything blue, wanna fight about it?
Keep in mind the i7 950 is ~$200.00 at Microcenter and that there are a few promo codes and mail-in rebates for some of the stuff on Newegg.
This will end up being within your budget.

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