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Hi guys,

I need advice from some people who are actually OCing i7 2600K and 2600 non K.

I have 2 systems.

machine # 1. Intel DP67BG motherboard and 2600K that I have successfully OCed to over 4.5 but am now running at a comfortable 4.2. I OCed by raising the TURBO to x42 for all cores.

My Questions are - There seems to be no option for raising the non turbo freq. beyond 34. The system needs to have both EIST (speed stepping) and TURBO set to ON in order to OC. This is very different that what I'm used to on previous platforms. Is it possible to OC the 2600K to a static ~4.2 range without having EIST on so that FREQ stays without dropping when IDLE? Is this a motherboard limitation? If so what mobo can do this?

machine # 2. Intel DP67BG motherboard and 2600. I wasn't planning on OC. but I go into the BIOS and WOW I can raise TURBO to as high as I want. I managed x43 and it can go higher!!! how is this possible? this is the non K version of this CPU. I'm not complaining rather puzzled?!

Please reply only if you have hands-on experience with these CPUs or motherboards or anything related to my actual Qs