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Originally Posted by Korlus View Post
As for how it'd stack up against your current processor, as far as I'm aware, it'll run about as fast as your current processor per clock, so it'll be like overclocking it to 3.8 - 4 Ghz (for the 955). I'm not sure how high the other processors will go.
Not at all. The Phenom IIs stack up between the 45nm Core 2s and Nehalem i5/i7s, depending on the application. On average though, the performance is in between those two tiers. For quad-core optimized programs, the Phenom IIs seem to fall behind the Nehalems a bit, but are faster than the 45nm Core 2s in most cases.

Seeing as how a 45nm C2Q is already an upgrade from and faster clock-for-clock than his 65nm C2Q, the Phenom II should already give him a nice performance boost at stock.
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first post from a lurking newb.

I am looking into getting pretty much the same setup.
I was eyeing up the ASUS M4A79XTD also. 84 bucks seemed to be a pretty awesome deal.

Unfortunately newegg sold out of them just before i tried to check out.
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