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Just setup my "new" i5 750.
Reset bios and after that the only thing I changed was the base clock (is that what it's called), from 133 to 150 to reach 3GHz and then I changed some setting from Auto to 32x (can't remember).
CPU-Z is telling me 1.2V.

I have the Cooler Master 212 plus.
What kind of temps should I be looking at?
Just wanna know that I didn't totally screw up putting the heatsink on the CPU.

Is it ok to overclock like this?
Just up the blck and leave most other things at auto/stock?

Been running large Prime95 for 10 mins (I know, NOT alot) and the temps have settled on:
58, 55, 55, 55.
I don't know my ambient temp (sorry, need to fix that), but is under ok 60C under load an ok result?