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I've been looking online for a while and couldn't find any professional reviews for these drives, even though they've been out for a few weeks now.

So now that I finally found one (posted earlier today), I figured this would be a good place to pool info on them for people who are interested (like me )!

Excerpts from their conclusion:
"Right out of the box the current lineup of Team SandForce consumer drives appear faster than the new Corsair Performance 3 that uses an updated Marvell controller. You and I might benchmark drives right out of the box, but when it comes to using solid state drives in our computers, they are dirty; like how your kids get at the little league ball park. Once that dirty weight builds up on your SandForce drive it slows down like it has a few pounds of mud on its shoes. The Corsair Performance 3 is like having a pair of shoes made of Teflon and Stainguard covering it. The drive can perform at full speed while tromping through the mud. If benchmarking your drive is all you want to do, then by all means, stick with the 2010 standard and have a good time. If you want to actually use your new SSD as a boot drive, then it might be time to look to the future. "


If you want to really rock the Corsair Performance 3, you are going to need Sandy Bridge and at this time it just isn't possible. Sandy Bridge will be back on the shelves in a few days, maybe a week or two at the latest. Personally, I think most enthusiasts are already running X58 systems and waiting on X68 or whatever Intel will call their new enthusiast platform at the end of the year. Most X58 boards already have SATA 6G via a Marvell PCIe to SATA 6G chip. These will work fairly well; we've shown the benchmarks today, but if you want to really see full speed with the Corsair Performance 3 you need native Intel PCH SATA 6G and at this time it is only available on Sandy Bridge.

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