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Sony Vaio GPU Overclocking

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Hey people,

I have read a lot of forums and a lot of advices on this issue but I am still uncertain on what to do. Although most people say that OC'ing a laptops GPU is a bad idea,(not only the GPU but the whole laptop in general) I would like to give it a try even by a minimum amount because my laptop is 5 years old now but its still running fine, so I dont want to throw it away just gain some more performance out of it.
My laptop specs are these:

* Processor:- Intel Core Duo T2300 - 1.66GHz (x2), 667MHz FSB, L2 Cache
* RAM:- 1024MB DDR2-533MHz - Low Cost Double Memory Offer - Call For Details!
* Hard Drive:- 100GB SATA 5400rpm
* Screen:- 15.4" Widescreen 16:10 (1280x800) with X-Black Technology
* Optical Drive:- DVD±RW Super Multi Double Layer
* Graphics:- NVidia GeForce Go7400 supporting 256MB TurboCache
* Wireless LAN:- 802.11a/b/g - Call for advice on Wireless Networking
* Battery Life (Depending on Use):- up to 3.5 hours
* Weight:- 2.8kg with Battery and Optical Drive
* Operating System:- Windows XP Media Center Edition

IMPORTANT= I upgraded my pc with another 1GB of memory so atm i got 2GB of memory, 2 identical cards.

Yesterday i did some benchmarking and I scored on 3dMark03 around 4150 which is pretty good (i found the usual results for my card from a website and it said that 4577 was the maximum value and 3706 was average so it aint that bad) and on 3dMark06 869 which is pretty low.

I ve read that my geforce go7400 is a card that a lot of ppl had success in overclocking it. I also have read that GPU core clock will make the biggest difference if overclocked. At the moment its at 400Mhz(Core clock) and 700Mhz (Memory clock). [Excuse me for writing them in such a stupid way but I am kinda new to this whole process].

My speedfun temperatures on idling are like from 50-56 GPU and CPU around 43-46 i guess. If i play a game that stresses my pc, my GPU can go up to 70-71 maximum. Although most of you can say this is high temperature, I never got a shutdown out of it etc. (I think it can handle way higher in terms of temperature).

Now since my fun vent is on the back of the laptop and not underneith even if i buy a laptop cooler pad it wont make such a difference. I made an experiment today and i blew cold air from a hair dryer on the low power to make sure where its the best position to cool it, and indeed blowing cold air from a small distance inside the vent, dropped the temperature immediately by 4-5 degrees.

If i buy a normal small fan and place it in a medium distance blowing air inside the vent and keeping the laptop in a cool state will it be okay? or will it promote problems inside the laptop?

What do you guys think about this whole thing? You thing i can pump up few MHz in core clock without needing cooling? or cooling is essential but in a form of cooling pad?

Thank you in advance

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bump! pls some help
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