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So what's all the fuss about? Well, Intel and Apple has announced the launch and availability (at least in Apple's products) of a new co-developed I/O interface previously known as Light Peak, but it now goes under the name of Thunderbolt. The new interface uses the same physical connector as the mini DisplayPort interface and it's compatible with DisplayPort signals, but it also offers up to 10Gbps of PCI Express data to allow for a wide range of external peripherals to be connected to it.

With so much bandwidth available it's clear that Thunderbolt was designed with the future in mind. That said, with companies such as Aja, Apogee, Avid, Blackmagic, LaCie, Promise and Western Digital as launch partners, it's pretty clear that the bandwidth is much wanted, especially in the video and audio industry. Thunderbolt is at the moment the fastest interface you'll find on any computer that isn't a high-end server and then you'd end up talking about network cards or Fiber Channel or something similarly advanced that isn't easily implemented into consumer and business devices.

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