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You also have to remember that moto decided to release a device way ahead of the OS being mainstream. You can only just recently get the SDK for android 3.0. They haven't even finished rolling out 2.3 yet, and that has been up on SDK for a while now. So they choose an OS that doesn't have support, so things like flash not being developed is to be expected.
on the flip side, they did market as having flash and all that, Adobe should have pushed more to get at least basic level flash for the device ready.
I don't like flash, but I think there is no need to be against it while a lot of websites still make use of flash for a lot of things. As much as I want them to stop using flash, I still want to have a device that have flash so I can be able to see an old site but with good content, if I want to. Soon it will not be needed anymore, but right now we still need flash.