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Custom Alps Keycaps?

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Hey all,

So im planning on modding my Siig Minitouch and before I embark on relocating the FN key for the CTRL key i was wondering if it was possible to get keycaps made? Ideally theyd be in a cool color but id be happy if the writing was just switched up to match the mod. Id also like to get WASD keycaps too in a alternative color.

Anyone know anyone or anything?
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You could contact Signature Plastics.

However, outside of a group buy, it'll be pretty expensive.
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Signature Plastics can do it, but they have a minimum order of 25 keys, and that will run you at least $100 or so.

You can get an OCN key that will fit Alps, and those GeekHack/5k177 keycaps, but otherwise custom Alps keys are rare.
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I have this most awesome set of DoubleShot ALPS keys from a, uh, "ravished" NeXT.

How The CapsLock key SHOULD have been as according to Steve Jobs - Command+Lshift.


But don't fight it, this one is seriously Awesome!

[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_BRv9wGf5pk"]Steve Jobs POWAH![/ame]
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My System
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Also, mostly likely, if you get signature plastics ones done, it'll be in a different profile.

A custom Alps keyset is unlikely because Alps has a lot of different variations depending on what backspace and enter was used (ANSI 1-row, large Reverse-L, etc.), which in turns affects |\ and right shift.

So you need:

Single row wide enter
2-row reverse-L enter

| \ key
1.5x row 4 (goes with single row wide enter)
1x row 1 (some with the large reverse-L enter)
1x row 2 (Northgate Omnikey, Focus FK-2001, others with large enter)
1x row 5 (some with large enter keys)

Full sized
1x row 5 (some with large enter, e.g. ASK-6600)

Right shift:
Full sized (AT101W, others)
Smaller to accomodate | \ (Northgate Omnikey, Focus FK-2001, others)

On a Cherry board, you'd offer only 3 since most came with the standard ANSI single row enter.

And then you've got stabilizers. Cherry MX boards mostly use the same stabilizers with the same slots in the same places. The stabilizers on Alps boards vary a ton, so you need to deal with the fact that stabilizers might not fit onto the keys.
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