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Prime wouldn't reach the temps that fast and that much (not for <1h), the ultimate tool for that is Intel Burn Test.
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Originally Posted by cavecreekaz View Post
My board is a MSI P67A-GD65/I7 2600K chip and running with HT on. I was using an old Corsair Nautilus 500 water cooler with updated Danger Den Radiator but my temps where still high. Example: 4.6G/1.330 Vcore Prime95 small 73-81-83-80..........4.7G/1.360 Vcore Prime95 small 79-86-86-84...............4.8G/1.385 Vcore Prime95 ???? I understand running over 70c for extended Prime95 sessions is not good for the Proc.

Note: I had a chip I'm taking back that took higher Vcore to be stable as in 4.6 took 1.410 Vcore 73-80-80-76.......4.7 took 1.440 Vcore 73-80-80-77.......4.8 took 1.475 Vcore 75-82-83-79 All temps at Prime95 small and I was using a H20 920 water cooler.

Waiting for H100 twin 120mm radiator from NewEgg to come in tommorow.

What's funning on the watercooling is water temp was aprox 32c and block temp at 34c as measured with a Centec Laser Thermometer, ambient temps around 25c-27c. Changed out 2 different water blocks on the Natilus 500 with no change.
I'm at 4.8 now with the H100 water cooler. On the HAF 912 its not a drop in, you have to move th radiator to the left side and rear of center under the twin 120's grill on top. Whoever designed the case wasn't thinking about the radiator being longer than the fans with the end tanks. Also brought the hoses down on the front of the tanks to give clearance to the rear fan. Turns out I needed 1/4 inch forward to clear. I'll mount the fan on the outside rear. Seems to be the best cheap watercooler so far at $100. Ran Prime 95 blend for 90 minutes with tempts running 66-72-73-69 average with highs of 70-77-79-75 (ambi 23.5c) on high fan which is pretty noisy. Sounds like a loud microwave. I understand the Cougar fans have a 17db at 70cfm ratting, may pickup a couple and quite this thing down. I'm running 1.4vcore and 1.521 dram v's with corsair vengance 1600 mhz 16G. Will post pics as soon as I find the card reader. figure someone out there may be trying to set up a similar system while going for 4.8 and beyond.
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Kindly tel me which mobo ur using ?
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Hello dear Citizens of Overclock.net!

I'v just overclocked my I7 2600k and got theese results with CPU-Z ... Can you please tell me if there's something wrong with them ...?

I havent tried to stress my cpu anything, but when should I be worried that this thing "melts" tongue.gif ?

Thanks thanks and thanks <3
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