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The VRM issue seems to mostly affect MSI boards. The VRM's are proabably almost on fire but they should hold you need to get some VRM heatsinks.
Many low end Gigabyte board VRMs have blown up as well.
I recommend underclocking and undervolting. NO overclocking. I also recommend a switch to the stock cooler so the VRMs at least get some cooling.

The GIGABYTE GA-MA78LMT-S2 isn't any different. It is also a 3+1 phase. It is also rated 95W max. It is also known to blow up. Something such as an M4A785-M would be better, though I would recommend VRM heatsinks before proceeding with overclocking, and moderate overclocking only. 4+1 phase. Since you have a full ATX case, I recommend a full ATX board. the 880G-Extreme3 would be an excellent choice in fact.
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