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6950 VRM cooling

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After serious problems with stock cooler(vaporchamber was damaged from factory,no touch with gpu die and gputemp3 stay at 133C in unigine,without BS) i changed cooler with S1 rev2+1x120mm.
Temps are awesome,temp1=52C,Temp2=59C,temp3=58C in heaven,but i put on gpu vrm ,6phases 2 heatsink.Mem vrm,2phases are so litle and i left him nacked.
Card is stable and when i run furmark in vrm place is warm,not hot.My card it is in anny danger from vrm mem left nacked?
I atache a picture with someone broke tinny mosfet on mem vrm,top2 small:
My vrm cooling look like this

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With 2 heatsink from zerotherm ZH100,type C i resolved the problem.When i was in games and unigine the 2 mosfet from memory VRM burned my fingers.
Only ram modules are left nacked,i dont think they needed any cooling because im not a fan of overclocking memory,only GPU.
So,old S1 rev2 is still in game,better annyways then stock cooler and much quieter.
Srry for my english,its not my strongest abbilities.
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