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I tried unlocking my X2 560 and my MSI 870A-G54 will unlock all 4 cores but the moment I get to the Windows 7 Start screen it will blue screen. I have a CoolIT Vantage watercooler so that will keep my CPU nice and cold and I also have both top fans in my Silverstone case acting as intake. That way I can get some cool air blowing over the MOSFETS and hopefully keep them from exploding! I have been able to run my X2 as a tri-core without having to raise any voltages but I still wanna see if I can get that 4th core working. I have set CPU-NB Ratio and HT Link Speed to x8, as recommended by MSI, but that didn't work. I also have 1600MHz Corsair RAM. Is that going to be a problem? Also is it just a matter of raising CPU voltage to try and get the 4th core stable? What's the max voltage I should try?
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MOSFET cooling won't do anything for safety on that board. I have seen a situation where someone with this board and running the x4 955 at stock, the board exploded the moment the PC was turned on for the first time.
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Is there any correlation between serial numbers and exploding boards? Maybe the ones that had problems were from the earlier batches and that the newer built boards are using better MOSFETs?
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I'm not too sure, this problem seems to be widespread on all those MSI boards regardles... only the 2 new 2011 boards are getting closer to decent (890FXA-GD65 and 870 Fuzion Power) with 8+2 phases
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