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I think a lot of people would really like to know: What about Windows 7 is unstable? I've been using it since Jan 2009 beta builds and I have only gotten 2 BSODs.
Maybe I didn't work myself correctly. I do really like Windows 7 and I've been using it for roughly as long as you have. MacOSX just seems like a more solid OS due to lots of little things.

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What....there are no mobile i7 Dual core Sandy Bridges. Only quad cores, thats a first generation i7, not a sandy bridge.

Toshiba Portege R700 or R705 would be my choices.

I assume it's Sandy Bridge since it uses Intel HD3000 integrated graphics.

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+1 Macbook Pro. ( Posted from my Macbook Pro ) Get a refurbished one because apple replaces all the exterior so it looks brand new. I got my 15" with the i5 for $1200 the day after the Sandy Bridge ones came out which is a $600 discount. You will not be disappointed with the quality. Deep down you know it is what you want.

I didn't know Apple replaced the whole exterior. If this is indeed a fact, I'm sold and I guess you're right, the Macbook Pro IS deep down what I want.