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Right i was wondering if my evga 4 way sli will fit in my 700d i dnt plan of doing 4 way sli only 2. and evga recommend 10 slots so just wondering if it will fit in the case and will i be able to do 2 way sli (new builder be nice) if not i was wondering if there is any modder who could mod it for me
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no one would really mod it for you, you would have to do that yourself, the most we could do here is give you ideas, that being said

just get yourself a decent 10 slot case from silverstone or something...later down the road who knows if you want to use the bottom slot for better cooling or even quad sli(even though you are saying you dont want to, but its best to keep the options open)

HAF, or TJ07, Or raven or any case with 10 slots to save you on the time and trouble since you are a bit new to modding

Good luck
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