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First i wanna say hello
this is my first time here so be gentle to me.
And my english is not all to good so sorry for that.

I have a problem with flashing my gpu bios.
I have 2 Sapphire 5870/1gb
Now that i have a complete Watercooled pc i wanted to do some nice clocking,
got my both cards to 900core and 1300memory and stable.
but my cards are lockt and cant go hinger with anykind off programm tried everyone.
now i see that you can flash the cards with atiflash
i made a usb to boot into dos that works so far i added atiflash and the bios file i want on it and boot my pc.
Than when dos is booted i enter C:\\>atiflash -pa 5870.rom
he find the file but than i got a message (checking parameters is missing)
i have no idea what to do now i hope someone can help me here.
also did c:\\atiflash -f -p 0 5870.rom same thing as the other command i did.

Greeting Niels Korell