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Nope. Array config is on the drives. It will show up as a foreign array when your new card comes in. If you replace with the same brand (LSI Based) of same or newer caliber it should work. I moved from a LSI 8308ELP to a Dell Perc6/i (LSI Based) and config came along for the ride on the drives. Just don't initialize or it will setup the drives as a new blank array (wipe your drives).

That's what I was thought...they tried to tell it that I'd lose my data.

Thanks for the don't initialize tip. I wound up buying an entire nehalem server though which comes with a 3ware hw raid controller (3WARE 9650SE-8LPML-SGL SATA2 8 PORT PCI-E X4) for a price I couldn't turn down. Only bummer is no battery and I couldn't even find one on eBay for it. I do have a UPS though, but would that prevent data loss or degredation if my pc crashed (BSOD'd)? I think the raid battery would, but a UPS wouldn't, according to my research.