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Yup. People gripe about Apples App store, and that is one of the reasons many jailbreak their iPhones to be able to run "other" apps, but Apple screens their apps and while one may get through every once in a while, it is much harder to have any malware/spyware with their approval process.
Not sure what safeguards are in place for Android apps.

It is one of the reasons I will not JB my wife's iPhone, she just does not understand malware/spyware on the phone so hers will remain locked.
With me, I pay attention to what I am installing, so not really a huge issue for me.
Agreed. The Apple Appstore is great for it's security and ease of use. The Android Market is great for it's openness. They're two totally different beasts and I hope that any respectable tech-savvy person can genuinely see this.

For your wife, who seems to be in the *average consumer* base much like my girlfriend, the Apple Appstore IS best. For you and me, we'll unlock our phones to use Cydia, or use Android.

That's just how things are.