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Razer Lycosa replacement feet

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Hey guys.

One of the feet on my Lycosa broke and I'm looking for a replacement. For now, I taped a pencil sharpener to the bottom to replace it, but I'd much rather have it replaced.

I emailed Razer's ever-so-helpful tech support asking if it was possible to buy replacement feet and got this nice and long message back:

Unfortunately we do not sell replacement feet for the Lycosa.

Well that's an extremely helpful and well-thought out reply, thanks!

Now, does anyone know if there's any way to come by one of these feet or is that pencil sharpener there to stay?

Thanks in advance.
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get a small mat 1 side sticky rubber and cut to size?

I'm sure it shouldn't be too hard to come by...or at least I wouldn't think.

Course I'm spoiled with my Grandpa working for 3M he can get his hands on just about anything for free.
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I suppose that would work. I'd much rather have another one of those feet though, I can't believe they just say no to selling me one of those stupid things. How hard can it be for them to keep a coupe of common spare parts handy. I would've gladly paid like $5 + shipping for it, they could make money off of spare parts alone.

Thanks for the suggestions.
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Pretty hard when they don't really do anything be redistribute cheap parts that other people make for the,

Rubbers rubber, the stuff you can get yourself will probably last longer and stick better anyway
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I suppose, I'll keep an eye out for something rubber-y I can use for this, thanks!
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