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OCZ Obsidian

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Okay so i was owed some money and have been putting buying some new parts back week after a week for a while, i got some of my money back today and needed to get a new mobo and ram by friday, so i got crosshair iv, some OCZ Obsidian 1600mhz 9-9-9-24 @1.6v, i chose these cause they were £32 and its all i could afford, it had to be the same order as i needed to get next day delivery as i could only afford it once...

all the moanin was to answer any question that come...
e.g. why did it have to be by friday and so on

so is the ram any good should i tighten those timings a bit
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Should be okay at stock settings, hope it isn't DOA though like a lot of OCZ Kits (though usually low end ones and not this)
See how far you can tighten it, I have no idea though
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okay cool, well i cant even oc my cpu till i get my cooler next week (if i get my money :s) so as long as they aint DOA it should be all good
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