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Sager NP5720 worth $180?

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Seems like a great-spec'd laptop, I'm mostly just wondering if there are any quality concerns with an older Sager laptop. The battery doesn't hold a charge, and the left side of the keyboard doesn't work (working on trying to find a replacement keyboard, but that's proving to be difficult as well), but other than that, the owner says it works great.

I currently use an Inspiron 6000 that has been very reliable the last couple of years. Since it is the only laptop for me and my wife, I'd hate to give up something reliable for something that might break really easily.

It has a 2.0ghz Centrino, 2GB ram, 7800GTX, 1680x1050 display (though my 6000 has a 1920x1200 display), 120GB Hitachi HDD (would probably put my 7200rpm 100GB drive in though, unless the 120GB is also 7200rpm).

Thoughts? Good deal? Great deal? Poor deal?
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It's a good deal. I've only heard of one horror story from a sager user, and it was after like 5 years of use.

Worst case scenario is something else is damaged, and have to scrap it, in which case you can probably part it out and get half your money back or so. So I'd take the risk.
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hi first of all i can say few things about that laptop
i use it for heavy gaming for about 6or 7 years
got some MB problems that they repair in period that i still had worenty
apart from that it works werry well till
few months ago i got mine GPU burned
if you have it and for some reason you selling it for parts let me know even if you dont plan now but you might sell it later on
p.s sorry for mine bad spelling
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