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Alright OCN, I have an experiment i want to do.
I currently use an EVGA X58 SLI LE motherboard (141-BL-E757-TR), and if any of you have this board then you know the chipset/Vreg heatsinks on this board suck. After looking carefully of the design of the E757 compared to the E762 (EVGA X58 FTW3) i have found the following:

VREG HS compatibility: visually unknown, but probably 100%
Southbridge HS compatibility: Visually 100% with no modification
Northbridge HS compatibility: Visually 100% with slight modification (drill new mounting holes and route away a bit of the corner of the sink to allow space for a cap that is not present on the FTW3)

I would really like to try this, at least with the NB and the SB, and i think i could push my OC further with those heatsinks on this board, But first i need to aquire those heatsinks.

I don't have 35 rep yet so i cannot post for the heatsinks in the wanted forum, so i will ask here. Does anyone have an unused set of EVGA FTW3 Heatsinks, or a whole broken EVGA FTW3 Motherboard that they would be willing to part with? If so PM me and maybe we can work something out

What do you guys think about this experiment/project?