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Yes. I know I may kill it at 1.5Vcore but I am not so pleased with my i3 530. If I kill it, that will give me an excuse to buy a i3 540,550,560 which will hopefully OC better (on lower voltage) than my current i3 530.

Go for a 550 or 560 as they are the newer stepping. I'm at 4.5GHz @ 1.36v. My H55 board doesn't want to go much higher on the BCLK, but I don't really want to push more voltage then this anyway on 32nm.

I got the H70 which is overkill, but will be good if I ever want to go for a suicide run or something. I mainly wanted some flexibility for when I eventually get a smaller case for it.

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Today, I removed the stock intel heatsink and installed the Zalman CNPS5X.

The old intel TIM was extremely easy to remove. A damp cloth is all I used. Only a very light white "dust" layer remained on the cpu.

Added Zalman ZM-STG2M TIM (included with cooler)
Prime95 temperature is approximately 20C less than with the stock intel heat sink. I am impress. biggrin.gif

Before and after pics for your viewing pleasure.

Does this seem normal?

When running prime95, I touched the stock intel aluminium heatsink with my finger. I was expecting to be burned but it was only very slightly warm, almost not even warm, but definately not cold.
Even the copper pipes on the Zalman only feel a little warm in prime95 @ 3.99GHz 1.33Vcore

If possible you should clean off the surfaces w/ 91+% isopropyl alcohol and coffee filters (since they are lint free). Once the surfaces dry you can apply a small amount of TIM.