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Please be advised that any discussion of committing piracy or use of software that isn't properly licensed is a violation of the TOS. We have decided to take this issue very seriously and want to make sure all of our members think about what they are about to post before submitting.

Some things that should not be discussed:
  • Any software that disables copy protection and/or disc encryption
  • Any discussion of software that invalidates Shareware/Trialware restrictions.
  • Offering to PM a member a serial number or crack.
  • Any un-authorized use of Corporate Software.
  • Using BT or other P2P networks to obtain protected software.
  • Downloading any copyrighted media without the Artist's permission.
  • Suggesting the missuse of OEM software.
  • Discussions pertaining to or requiring an end-user license agreement (EULA) violation.
  • Any other discussion that violates the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA)
This is just a small example of things that should not be discussed. In the end it comes down to common sense. You wouldn't call MS and tell them that your friend gave you a burned copy of XP, so don't say it here either.



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