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E6400 OC cannot go higher than 380 FSB?

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Hey everybody, I'm stuck with overclocking my E6400 on a GA-965P DS3 REV 1.0, where many people have even gone over 400 FSB with their E6400 on the same board. I'm deeply frustrated about this, since I can boot at a 400 FSB, but not run P95 stable in Small FFT mode and Blend w/0 a 0x0124 BSOD.

What I think are the problems:
The Motherboard:
Overheating Northbridge?
My computer dosent freeze up, but the heatsink is hot to the touch while gaming.

Bad BIOS flash, Reflash BIOS? Downgrade BIOS?
I updated my BIOS to F14 recently through a bootable USB DOS flash drive using the files provided by Gigabyte on their website and the HPUSBFW utility. There are many posts about the same processor and motherboard, but are old posts probably meaning that they used an older BIOS to overclock.

The RAM:
RAM too basic, not powerful enough?
I have 2x 1GB GSkill F2-6400CL5 and 2x 512MB Corsair CM2X512A-6400, ran Memtest x86 on these aging DIMMS and they pass w/o fail. The question is, if it is the RAM problem, why does running in Small FFT mode crash? Do I just need to buy new RAM that runs at 1066?

The Power Supply:
Not enough juice?
This is the least concerned area, because 1.425 Volts should be enough for a 400-425 FSB. There are people who even undervolted or had volts lower than 1.425. My PSU is a Cooler Master Extreme Power Plus 360W. Overheating is not a concern, I get around 20-25 Celcius temps in the BIOS at load using a Hyper 212 Plus w/ an extra fan and some Arctic Silver Matrix TIM.

The Software:
Should I not use P95?
I know there are other stress test out there, but which other one do you recommend? I don't know if the problem is just w/ P95, since i basically transferred the .exe through a flash drive.

So there it is guys, if I need to buy something ($80 to spend on RAM or PSU), let me know, I'm aiming for 3.4-3.6 GHz. Thanks in advance for trying to help me solve this stubborn FSB problem!
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Oh, and my BIOS settings can be seen on another thread I made:
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As for problems with P95, disregard that. I tried orthos in blend and small fft mode and it still fails with the 0x0124 BSOD.
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