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Now to bring some life back into this thread....


Here is the latest version of my web browser customizations/style in October 2012!


Waterfox v16.0.1 on Windows 8, with reader open:



There haven't been many core functionality/style changes since I last posted in February, but I have definitely come a long way since March 2011. I achieved my goal of full-screen, minimal but functional browsing thumb.gif I used to focus on the bookmarks toolbar for my web access but now I don't even have one - I open the bookmarks sidebar or a bookmarks pop-up (addon BookmarksUI) but most of my access is nowadays done via my AwesomeBar (location bar). The addon Location Bar Enhancer is what's responsible for the new breadcrumbs style there, and it also adds an awesome addressbar progressbar.


For now I changed the visual aspect a bit to make everything match. I used a Stylish script to create the awesome office-like "FILE" button and size it to the width of my vertical toolbar.


Everything can of course be auto-hidden. The vertical toolbar with the button on top or mouse hover, the top bar with the ctrl key, and the vertical tab bar (Pano) with ctrl + q.  It's a bit more cluttered than before as there are more icons in my addressbar now with more functions (a nod to touchscreen optimization - now that Ubuntu with full desktop Firefox can be run on Android devices, I want to be able to integrate a future Android tablet with desktop Firefox functionality that I have so I've optimized for in case I ever get a touch screen thumb.gif)


My iconized search bar (which used to be prominent on the right side of my top bar) is now an auto-hidden feature that automatically opens when I open a new tab and closes after I finish the search or go to a website! (I put my search bar on the bookmarks bar and used the hide-bookmarksbar addon)


Using "Menu Editor" addon to customize the right-click context menu has also had a huge positive impact on my browsing efficiency.


I take this profile with me on Portable Firefox. Firefox sync makes it all so much easier too, since I can sync my Add-ons and (through another add-on) Stylish scripts between all devices! I have never had a faster, more functional and more consistent web experience.

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