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the andriod OS has been out for awhile now yet they still don't have some apps that I like on my iphone 4 or even a comparable version. If you want me to list them I will when I get home. So what makes you guys think honeycomb will start getting apps that do the same things as the ipad 2? I can't however think of any app andriod has that ios doesn't or something like it.
For everyone caring about the usb port what are you using it for? I also don't care about the sd slot.

Only reason I can think of getting a xoom over the Ipad2 is the flash support (how often does this matter), the better browser, or the better looking OS.

I'm trying to decide which is more important to me, but no matter what the ipad will always have more choices of apps than the andriod os. Some developers might be developing apps for honeycomb but I bet they make a version for iOS as well or most developers are still going to be making apps for the ipad2. More people with one = more money for them.