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FYI: The Danger Den Maze 4 and Maze 5 are direct bolt on CPU only waterblocks for the GTX 400 and 500 series of cards. Granted, you will only use two holes to mount the card to the GPU with, but for the cost of a used M4/M5 it is well worth it!

And there are certain GTX 560 cards that come stock with VRM Heatsinks on them that are OEM. So, those would be the cards to look at if you want to go watercooling, unless you want to fab up your own heatsink for the VRM.

As for the memory, Does VRam really need to be cooled? Nvidia says NO, and most OEMs say NO, and from what I have personally experienced and seen on all sorts of sites is that overclocking your Vram only nets you a few (1-5) fps and most of the time you are just better off leaving it stock and working on the GPU.

I for one would NEVER buy another full face waterblock. I had gpu only blocks on all my cards starting back in the day with my 3dfx cards and I finally made the plunge to a full face (DD Ione) on my 8800GT and it didn't give me enough to validate costing half the price of the card, so I tried it on 4 more 8800GT cards, with the same results.

So, save your money and just pick up a GPU WB like a DD or a Swiftech and get a ramsink on your VRM and call it all good, After all the 400 and 500 series is considered budget cards. And it is all luck of the draw, it sucks spending half the card cost only to see a 10% increase when a GPU only block would have yielded the same outcome.

Just food for though.