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I have not done that yet but I have a slight update on my situation. I was trying very hard to remember the content of the error at the BSOD and I believe it was an nvidia dll. But the fact that a graphics card driver decides to cause a BSOD just as I decide to use AHCI seems a bit strange? or maybe its common?
I also updated my AHCI drivers to the AMD ones while in windows. But I have yet to get a BSOD in the past hour.

Reading your post I have the same board with the same issue and I noticed you uploaded the AMD drivers to your OS while in windows are you refering to theses drivers from AMD?

AMD Chipset Drivers

This package is for motherboards with 700 series or newer AMD chipsets, and includes:
AMD Chipset Drivers
AMD USB 3.0 Driver

be interested to know the details and have you benched your drives to check there performance after and are they working at rated speeds?
This is a helpful thread and I hope to get some good knowledge and results! Thanks for any input!