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Asus P7P55D-E, i7 k875 too hot at 3.2 GHz...

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Newbie here, please be nice. I have tried to implement the 3 step guide approach to oc'ing, but, according to Asus, there is no way to decouple the memory speed from the bclock with this MB/bios, so the whole approach seems like a nonstarter.

So I turned off the C states, manually entered the dram voltage and timing, then changed the multiplier to give a result of 3.2 Ghz. It seemed like a reasonable place to start since the MB allows a "stock" over clock of 3 Ghz using the turbo boost mode.

I ran a typical load (playback of 90 tracks of 88.2 KHz audio), which resulted in temps approaching 100. So, I restored the default settings.

Then I used the stock overclock (turbo setting) and ran prime95, and got the same results. It seems to me that I may need to simply get a better cooling system before I try much of anything else...I have a Thermaltake Silent 1156 CLP0552 92mm CPU Cooler installed (and, as far as I know it is installed as well as possible. I tried redoing it several times, with varying amounts of arctic silver, but ended up with the same results.)

Here is a screenshot of the latter experiment:
Attachment 199180

Thanks for your time.
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Your cooling is definately failing. No ways should stock settings push much beyond 60c for that test. That thermaltake cooler is only marginally better than the stock cooler and the stock cooler should control temps better than what you are seeing. It is possile that your thermaltake cooler is defective (or installed incorrectly). One braindead question: did you remove the plastic cover from the base of the heatsink? If you have the stock cooler, it would be worth installing to see if it cools any better.

As for RAM speed you'll need to drop the RAM multiplier if you want to overclock using bclk (that's just the way it is for everybody), though with that 875K you can leave the bclk at default and OC using the CPU multiplier since it's unlocked. You should be able to hit 3.8Ghz or better, though you'll need to increase vcore to do so.
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The cpu did not come with a stock cooler, but New Egg bundled the Thermaltake with it. Thermaltake tech support said that my particular cooler was not really rated high enough for my cpu, so, I've ordered a Noctua NHD14 as well as two case fans. Hopefully this will make the heat problems go away.

How do you change the RAM multiplier with the P7P55D-E bios? I looked all over for that, and called Asus as well - they said it was not possible!
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Seems to me that cooler should have been able to handle the stock clock of a 875k. Anyways that DH14 will kick major butt, though you will have to remove your mobo from your case to install it (unless your case has a cutout for that sort of thing). Beware that Newegg's combos can be bogus. If you read their fine print they have a disclaimer that combo bundled items may not be compatible.

As for RAM multiplier, it can be changed in the bios via the "DRAM frequency" setting found in the "AI Tweaker" section. When this setting is selected it lists 4 settings: the top is 6x, next 8x, 10x, and 12x is the bottom most. The settings displayed show the resultant RAM frequency for the current value of bclk. But really, you should not need to alter bclk to get a good OC with that processor (unless you need your ram faster than 1600). That processor has an unlocked multiplier, so use it! Good luck with that computer; I sort of wish I had a 875k but I get what I need from my 860 (plus the 875k hadn't been released at that time).

And BTW, this site uses a rep system for positive feedback. If you are happy/impressed with a post you are obliged to bump their rep by clicking the helpful post's "REP+" box while you are logged in.
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Thanks for the explanation! It's funny that Asus couldn't tell me that - I specifically asked if it was possible to change the multiplier allowing me to increase the bclock without changing the dram speed. I guess you'll have that sort of thing when a company decides that it's a bad idea to support a particular feature (ease of oc'ing) of a product they've released.
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Finally got the new fans, installed them and the cpu temp is now 60-65 degrees C cooler! The reason I was asking about the ram frequency was because of the advice given in the 3 step guide to overclocking - which is to establish your maximum stable Bclck, then your highest stable memory frequency/voltage - before tinkering with the cpu frequency. The experimenting begins today....
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....3.5 GHz without a hiccup, cpu hovering at between 38 and 48 degrees...it's handling the load my DAW is asking it to carry a lot better now. Wondering if I can get away with a few more MHz though.

Do you guys leave your OC'd computers running all the time?
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