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Something big

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So, I have this Vostro 1510, that I paid for 2 years ago, and I can't just burry it. Moreover, I've always wanted to OC my CPU. 1) I don't move my laptop much, so I can implement good cooling 2) my laptop apperantly has the capacity for more powerful CPU.
I remember the first time I've seen modding on the PLL of MoBos that have 755? (Core 2) Socket, but as far as I remember, it didn't work, at least for me.

Anyway, my current CPU is C2D T9300, and my notebook is Vostro 1510.
And my main question is, is there a mod for the laptop in my CPU?
Is CPU modding motherboard (laptop) dependent? or is it only CPU dependent?

I want to upgrade the CPU, they are relatively cheap on eBay, but that is later. I just got a question, will it help in volt modding to get an unlocked-multi CPU?

PS: You don't have to tell how anything works. Just please inform me if it will work for me or not. I will search and maybe come back and ask if it does work.
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volt modding won't help you in this case. what you need to do is either find a way to overlcock your CPU (nearly impossible with most laptop bios but worth looking into) or seeing if you laptop PSU and MOBO would be able to power a faster processor (with the same socket type) than the one you care currently using. for this simply check out the model number of your laptop/mobo and psu and then the choice rests in your hands
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