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Split Kinesis Contour Classic (Advantage) Keyboard - 2 VGA mod

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Kinesis Contour Classic (Advantage) Keyboard split in two discrete halves joined by two 15-pin D-sub VGA cables. Out of the 30 conductors from two VGA cables, 28 were used leaving 2 wires on the left-half for future use. F7 and F8 switch wires were relocated to the right-half allowing function key alignment to correspond with number row.
Quick demonstration[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IDR0xroSR6s"] video[/ame]
Project completion:40%
Project progress in that order (1)=completed, (0)=incomplete:
(1)#1-Split Kinesis Contour Classic into two halves
(1)#2-Cherry MX Black's to replace membrane squishies, :smash:
(0)#3-Place IBM trackpoint KPD8923 between keys 'Enter' & 'Space' used for scrolling.
(0)#4-Integrate trackpoint in the center of keys, 'H-J-N-M'.
(0)#5-Fiberglass molds to replace the original keyboard plastic housing.
(0)#6-Brackets to bolt both halves to chair armrests respectively using welded steel stock.

Skill prerequisites:
  1. Fluent with your soldering technique but if not, don't sweat it. Here is a phenomenal [ame="www.youtube.com/watch?v=I_NU2ruzyc4"]youtube video[/ame] showing the proper procedure. (It's difficult to cause any doped silicon damage if your your iron = or < 25 watts unless temperature controlled (750-850F.) Ensure soldering iron tip is not contacting components longer than three seconds while soldering.)
  2. Check resistance/continuity/ohms (same thing) with DVOM
  3. Strip 26AWG wire insulation by hand with razor blade. (You are more then welcome to use wire strippers but I find them to be more hassle then it's worth on small diameter wire but if you find some that work well, by all means please let me know.)
  4. Patience with a Dremel and/or box cutter.
Tool list:
  1. DVOM (Digital Volt Ohm Meter) 'A pair of alligator clips that screw onto the leads will make life much easier.' ($10)
  2. Hot glue gun and glue sticks of high temperature. You probably will not be impressed how fast the low temp stuff cools down, especially for fastening shielded wires. 0_0 ($5)
  3. Soldering iron with tip preferably not much wider than 1.6mm (1/16") with brass wire tip cleaner, do not use a wet sponge 'water.' "Quenching metal over and over effects its metallurgy, prematurely degrading the tip's essential coating and the soldering iron must recover from heat loss." ($20)
  4. Dremel, box-cutter, or any tool to accomplish cutting and sculpting hard material (ex. plastic, fiberglass)
Parts list:
  1. Kinesis Contour Essential/Classic/Professional (AT\PS/2) or Advantage/Advantage Pro (USB) 'board. ($140-$200 on ebay)
  2. Male to Male 15-pin D-Sub VGA extension cable, = or > Fifteen Feet. ($10)
  3. (2) 15-pin D-Sub VGA female connectors. (RS part #276-1502, $4)
  4. VGA video card brackets or cut a dual VGA bracket in half. (<$4)
  5. (2) Metal or plastic strain reliefs (One place you can find these, devices I used to prevent cables from pulling loose, is take a tiny piece of VGA cable to your local hardware store, look for Heavy-Duty 3-Wire Replacement Female Electrical Plugs that have strain reliefs preferably of small size without 'tabs.'
  6. Tin/Lead Rosin core solder < or = .032" diameter, either 63/37(Sn/Pb) 'melting point @ 183 °C (361 °F,)' or 60/40(Sn/Pb) 'melting range @ 183–190 °C (361–374 °F.)' (Lead-free solder is garbage, hence the failing brittle Xbox 360 BGA cold solder joints using inadequate heat in the manufacturing process due to the Lead-free solder's higher melting temp along with mainboard flex. More importantly, acid core solder "plumber's solder" will destroy everything it touches so please stay away from buying solder at a hardware store." ($4-6)
  7. Activated (RA) Rosin Flux. 'No-clean' flux=Manufacturers attempt at cutting cost (some variations are harmfully conductive AND corrosive.) Since we want a product that will last forever, use 90% rubbing alcohol and brush after you are completely finished soldering. All of the flux residue should come off easily if you took my advice on soldering iron selection. Flux pen is probably most convenient in this application. ($5)
  8. De-soldering braid 'wick' ($4)
  9. Heat-shrink tubing of varying sizes for insulating wires. ($5)
  10. Electrical tape, 3M or equivalent. ($1)
  11. Razor blades 'box cutter style.' ($1)
Splitting Kinesis Contour keyboard into two halves tutorial
*under construction*
  1. Cut VGA Male to Male extension cable into three pieces, ends being the exact same length (mine are approx. four feet long but it really depends on a lot of environmental factors such as keyboard placement in regards to desk and/or chair dimensions.) For an example, if you are using a fifteen foot VGA cable and decide to cut the end cables to four feet in length, you will be left with seven foot long mid-section cable which should be more than adequate wire to complete this mod.
  2. Split the mid-section cable sheathing lengthwise with a box-cutter. Don't worry, you will not slice through the metal braided shielding but if you do, it would probably be a good time to practice using more finesse before going any further for obvious reasons.
    Note: If you start getting erratic output from the keyboard, run keyboard diagnostic program such as 'AquaKeyTest.' Need to extend the AT/PS-2/USB cable? Say you chair mount and the computer is far away, it wouldn't be a bad idea to add two pull-up resistors of 1KΩ between Clock and +5V, the other between Data and +5V. This will prevent the Clock and data lines from floating and be consistently pulled high but don't worry, one kilo ohm (1000Ω) reduces the current to almost null. What I've discovered from allowing function key wires to touch together 'short to switches,' a few keys in the bowl would not work until after I was finished testing the function key wiring and properly insulating them. Part 15 of FCC:This device may not cause harmful interference, must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation. Should you suspect environmental interference as a culprit, two easy diagnosis come to mind allowing you to rule out wi-fi routers, EMI, AC sine waves, RF, etc. Move the keyboard to a remote location or be lazy, completely wrap your keyboard in a single layer of aluminum foil and press keys through it. If you indeed have electronics that emit a lot of interference in the vicinity of the keyboard halves, the internal pull-up resistors could be too weak inside the MCU because it was never engineered with the signal wires traveling further than a few inches. Why German engineer something when you don't have to?:cough:Volkswagen. I'm half German, went to VW Academy, owned and worked on plenty of VDub's but would never personally own one after the air-cooled era ever since they paid Bosch royalty fees for every car made and became grotesquely over-engineered, I'm getting squeamish just thinking about their wire schematics. 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Use small dabs of electrical tape every inch or two applying it lengthwise across entire conductive shielding with three inch overhang only on end away from switches, towards MCU. Using electrical tape, completely wrap foil and braided wire. Solder the bare wire to the shielding earth ground wire of the PS/2 or USB cable, (should be the uninsulated wire but check continuity with DVOM 'one lead touching the metal casing of connector' just in case) not to be confused with DC ground (black wire.) Precautions must be made to ensure the earth ground shielding is not exposed and wires fastened securely to prevent component leads from 'wearing' through the electrical tape as permanent damage to MCU can result via short to ground.

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Right bowl external VGA connection view
Left bowl internal VGA connection view
Left bowl external VGA connection view
Right bowl internal view, VGA side
Right bowl internal view, top side (F-keys)
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